Open Studio

We have two open studios where Club members (sorry, no guests) are welcome to create art in the medium of their choice, along with other Club members. There is no instruction.  The KAC studio at 630 Cameron Harvey Drive comfortably accommodates 12 artists, working at 2 by 4 ft. tables.

It is open on Tuesday evenings and Thursday days to KAC members.  You must register with one of the studio coordinators, and sign in when you attend.  There is no fee for the studio itself, but you must be a registered Club member.  

To register for the Tuesday evening studio, contact Carina at:

To register for the Thursday studio, contact JoAnne at:  

The studio has a fridge, microwave, coffeemaker, and a drinking water cooler.  Members are welcome to use the cream and the coffee that are in the fridge, and there are often snacks (cookies) available as well.  There are two sinks to clean brushes and equipment.  Members are expected to clean up their workspace after use, to take any oily rags with them (as they are a fire hazard), and to clean their dishes and cutlery.  There are garbage bags and water containers underneath the sink, and there is a garbage pail on site. 

In addition to the tables, there are a few standing and table easels.  Those who prefer an easel are encouraged to bring their own.  Unfortunately, we have very limited storage space and members are expected to take their art supplies and equipment with them at the end of the day.  The KAC is not responsible for lost or damaged items.