Most of the Club's activities take place at the March Community Centre, Kanata West, in our well-lit studio space.  

We typically have online and in person  classes during the week in the fall, winter, and spring months.  The classes are small and the atmosphere casual. Our instructors are well known local artists, popular and passionate about their art and about teaching.

Drawing/painting studios, provide an opportunity for artists to work and study from a live model. 

The Open Studio (self-directed) where members can access the Studio to work independantly, or in small groups. 

The Club also offers a number of world-class online   and in person  workshops throughout the year, hosting internationally acclaimed artists.

Club meetings are generally held off site, at the Trinity Presbyterian Church, where guest speakers share their inspirational insights and artistic experience.  

The Club also has a grid rental program for the use of artists in displaying their work in gallery settings.