Impressionist Painting in Pastels with Valerie Fulford

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We are all familiar with the Impressionists.  They created a new way of looking at light and form with colour.  Many of these artists worked in soft pastels, enjoying the immediacy of application and the vibrancy it had to offer.

Valerie Fulford, one of the artist/animators of the extraordinary film "Loving Vincent", will show you examples of the Impressionists' work and guide you as you experiment with the colours they used to create form and value.  You will also experiment with the multi-coloured application of pastels using the theory of Simultaneous Contrast.

No matter whether you tend toward realism, already paint in a more impressionist style or you are a beginner, understanding light and colour and the Impressionists' technique will expand your understanding of creating value with colour and add to your skills as a painter in general.

Val will set up three Still Life arrangements from simple to complex for you to work on during the 2 days.  You can attempt as many as you like.  The emphasis will be on Value (light and shadow), Simultaneous Contrast (building colour interactions) and technique.


Place:  Kanata Art Club, March Central Community Center

Date:   9:30 am to 4:30 pm, Saturday April 6th 2019 and Sunday April 7th 2019

Cost:  Members: $110.00  Non-members: $130.00


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