Pooja Grover

Artist Biography

Pooja Grover is an acrylic mixed media artist currently living in Ottawa, Ontario. While Pooja has been creating art in various forms throughout her life, it was not until recently that she started practicing mindfulness - the art of living in the moment and experiencing deep inner peace; and discovered art as a vehicle which

  • enhances creativity
  • alleviates pain
  • promotes clarity of mind
  • increases focus
  • promotes mental health

Art helped her bring affirmation in her life that she is a peaceful soul on a long journey and the only way she can bring happiness in this so-called journey of life is by living in the present moment through mindfulness drawing inspiration from her current state of mind and her inner self while adding creativity to her Mindful Intuitions.

Pooja believes that art is a therapy and the best form of meditation to connect with your inner self. Through mindful art she reinvents herself every time she holds her brush and splashes colours on a blank canvas while drifting away into another world, pausing her thoughts and experiencing the beauty in the present moment.

She now helps others practice mindfulness, the awareness of unawareness, through the medium of art. She creates unique pieces of art using various colours and textures; listening to her soul and understanding the magic of creative thinking. Almost all of her paintings have a touch of sparkle through the use of metallics as she believes that we all need a little sparkle in our lives to alleviate our souls.

Add the sparkle to your home decor by purchasing one of her creative artwork. With Mindful Intuitions, possibilities are endless.....

Personal Information

 I'm a thinker and creator who is passionate about spreading her love for colours and textures while practicing mindfulness - the art of living in the moment and experiencing deep inner peace.

I create soulful paintings that reflect the call of my heart at that specific moment. I let go of my fears and lend wings to my creativity while I mindfully watch its flight that usually takes me to unexplored deepest layers of my thoughts. When I finally splatter paint on the blank canvas, I feel a renewed passion and joy flowing through my veins calming down every nerve of my mind and heart, experiencing immense relief from the bodily pains and reaching a state of meditation through mindful art - Mindful Intuitions.

Contact Information

Website: www.mindfulintuitions.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mindfulintuitions
Instagram: @mindful_intuitions
Email: mindfulintuitions@gmail.com
Phone: 613-276-7612