Faiza Ashraf

Artist Statement

I'm a passionate, local abstract artist with a love for all things beautiful. I feel grateful to have had enriched, diverse cultural experiences from an early age and my paintings reflect the nuances of my journey through life.

The Artist

My work is inspired by elements of nature; landscapes, seascapes, the colours in horizons and sunsets, sunshine, raindrops and anything that inculcates awe and delight within. Each piece is a reflection of my personal experiences and feelings…a window into my soul perhaps!  As a young artist at school, I enjoyed drawing still life through pencil, pastels and watercolours. After taking a few classes in mixed media abstracts, I fell in love with the spontaneity and fluidity of painting with acrylics. I continue to explore textural composition in my artwork with various mediums. I am a certified Montessori teacher, an Early Childhood Educator, a wife to a wonderful husband and mother to a delightful daughter.

Contact Information

Email: faizastudio@gmail.com

Instagram: instagram@faizastudio  

Facebook: Facebook: FaizaStudio