Dianne E. Richardson

Dianne Richardson has an Arts and Science degree from the University of Georgia, [UGA] Athens, Georgia, an M.Sc. from the International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences, the Netherlands, and a Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences from the Wageningen Agricultural University of the Netherlands. She worked from 1981 to 2006 as a senior scientist and senior Program Director with the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, and in tandem, served as the Associate Science Director for the Canadian GEOIDE Network Centre of Excellence until her retirement in 2006. Upon retiring Dianne pursued her interest in impressionism and in so doing studied with the Cape School of Impressionism, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and the School of Light and Color, Fair Oaks, California. She has been mentored by a number of American impressionists, notably Lois Griffel of the American Impressionist Society, Barry John Raybould of the Virtual Art Academy and Susan Sarback. In Canada, she has studied with the Ottawa School of Art and with Charles Spratt. She also studied with Dr. Cheryl Goldsleger of Athens, Georgia while at the same time undertaking her Arts and Science degree from UGA.