An Introduction to Plein Air Painting


This workshop is for all levels of experience 

Have you ever wanted to paint out of doors, or if you do paint out, have you wanted the experience to be easier and more successful?


Keith Thirgood will be at the Kanata Art Club, August 25 & 26, 2018 to show you his own approach to tackling painting en plein air.  Keith’s approach to painting en Plein Air is about transferring the feelings you get from your subject onto your painting surface. It’s not about realism, although it works for realism as well.  Learn one approach to achieving the simplicity and structure that makes for a good painting, combined with a completely modern approach to colour theory and colour mixing.  The workshop starts with modern colour theory and a palette that makes colour mixing easy.  Then we investigate and experiment with composition, design, shapes and values. Get these right and you are half way to a good painting.  These first two things are worked on indoors.  Then it’s outside to Pinhey's Point Historic Site on the Ottawa River, to work on a real painting. Simplification and interpretation are encouraged.  (If the weather is against us, we will stay in the studio and work from a projected image, as if we were in front of  an actual scene.)  Keith will be mentoring you throughout the process.





  • Saturday, August 25 - Sunday, august 26, 2018



  • Kanata Art Club; March Community Centre, 630 Cameron Harvey Drive, Kanata K2K 1X7

Terms and Conditions of Registration and Payment


  • Members: $175 per person;
  • Non-members: $195 per person

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About the Instructor:

  • Keith Thirgood is a largely self-taught artist, painting mainly landscapes. His style has been described as Post-Impressionism in the Canadian tradition or Canadian Reductionism. He's influenced by post-impressionist artists like Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, as well as Tom Thomson and members of the Group of Seven plus artists like Don Cavin, Mike Svob, and Connie Hayes.
  • Keith is president of the Ontario Plein Air Society, a member of several Ontario Galleries, arts councils and art clubs.
  • View his credentials and artworks at

Enrollment: size of class will be limited.

To register and/or to obtain further information regarding payment and the KAC cancellation policy, contact Gail Brooker